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    Add Multiple Labels to Chart

    Maria Furfaro



      Hope someone can help me on this


      For each Reference Date  I have calculated the difference between the Value in Position 1 and the Value and Position 2 (US delta).


      CountryReference DateValuePublication DatePositionUS delta
      US03/08/2017 00:000.31989803/08/201710.188918
      US03/08/2017 00:000.1309826/07/20172


      I have then built a Line Chart with Day(ReferenceDate) in Column and Agg(US delta) in Row.


      My challenge is to add both US delta and Publication Date as labels to the Chart.

      When I add the Publication Date (as Minute) values disappears and I am not sure why.


      Do you know if there is a way to display both info in the same Chart?


      Many Thanks,