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    Jupytab | Create datasource in Tableau from Python (using Jupyter notebook)

    Brian Tribondeau

      Hello everyone,


      I just release a new kind of web data connector that you may found useful : Jupytab (https://github.com/CFMTech/Jupytab)


      It allows to connect a collection of python notebooks directly to Tableau (more exactly a collection of pandas dataframe), without creating intermediate storage.


      It also supports on demand refresh, allowing to execute python code to update datasource on the fly. It is not like TabPy as it actually create data source, instead of computing indicators on existing data.




      For instance, you can use it to connect to any available Rest API and retrieve / manipulate datas. It will also automatically retrieve new data on extract.


      Of course, you can also use it with the full data science stack available in Python !


      Do not hesitate to share your interest in this project !


      (pull request is unfortunately stuck and thus not visible in the community connector list)