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    Workbook refresh by only overwriting tdsx file.

    Han Alex

      Dear all,


      I have two separate tableau servers.

      Server A is where data extract happens to our datasource from our local database.

      Server B contains twb file, using the datasource that is transferred from and overwritten by the tdsx file from the Server A.


      I have interfaced the two servers using tabcmd - downloading the datasource from Server A, then publishing and overwriting the datasource into Server B.


      The workbooks in Server B, after publishing the datasource automatically changes, as it is now looking into a different datasrouce.

      However, sometimes, even though we have not changed anything in the workbook, the workbook does not automatically update itself, rather it takes more than a day for the new datasource to be reflected in the workbook.


      Is there anyway we can force the refresh of the workbook after publishing the new datasource through tabcmd?


      Thanks in advance

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          Iain Stewart

          G'day Han,

          In looking at your question, and the process you are running through it looks like the workbook at times is going to hit a cache. What you could try is is appending refresh=y at the end of your URL. If this shows the new information you'll know whether it's the cache or not.


          If it is the cache, you could use the below article (dependent on your requirements - just remember cache is used to speed up workbooks that are opened often)

          Configure Data Cache - Tableau


          The above article helps to set the cache value.


          Hopefully the above helps