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    Drawing points on map

    gaston rodriguez

      Hello comunity!


      I really need your help!


      I'm trying to plot  stores on a map but a user can input a specific point (lat and long parameters) and a custom radius filter (in kms) the idea is to show the stores within de filtered radius and the center point or the circle that contains everything .


      I can't "mix" the lat and long from the data source with the lat and long introduced by user.


      I'm sorry  I can't attached any example because it's a  customer data but any thoughts would be appreciate it!


      Thanks in advance

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          Don Wise

          Hello Gaston,

          Because there's no data to work with, can only point you to possible solution.  Please see page 2 of this thread: Maps - Mileage   If you're comfortable with SQL/Python, (and there are other options other than SQL or Python here) then Sarah Battersby's Blog may have some ideas for you: Sarah Battersby's Blog   Best, Don


          If this answers your question, please mark as correct in the Forum (not your email).  If it is helpful, then mark as helpful.

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            gaston rodriguez

            Hi Don, thank you for your quick response!


            I read the post you tell me, but my situation is slightly different


            I already have all my calculations correct (distance, radius ) and I can show the stores inside the circle (made by the radius) what I'm trying to accomplish it is to add de center or the borders (draw the circle) too!


            I've created two parameters where the user can input lat and long and if I select "custom location" on that list it will do all the calculations with the lat and long introduced.


            That works fine but I can't plot the introduced point.


            Current situation

            what I have.png


            What I need to accomplish


            what I need.png



            It is possible to add lat and long introduced by user to the list of points that are already plotted?


            Thanks again!

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              Don Wise

              Hello Gaston,

              If you download the last workbook posted from that thread, you'll see how the 'anchor latitude/longitude' is introduced.  You'll need to extend that concept to use your individual (user-entered) latitude and longitude parameters.  As far as the circle/radius, please do an internet search for Tableau Radius Maps and you'll get a whole list of possible ideas as to how to bring in the circle.  Best, Don

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                gaston rodriguez

                Thanks Don for your help



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                  Don Wise

                  You're very welcome!