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    web application embedding  with tableau online

    Mohini Deshmukh

      Right now i am working on tableau online trial version. i am planning to buy tableau online. my 1st question/requirement is,


      1.I want to showcase my views on clients application with java script API. So do i have to buy licence for each user who is just going to see the view and not doing any other tasks.-which type of licence should i buy then? or i can just use tableau server with trusted authentication and put that web application server as a trusted one. will that work??


      2.Can i switch from tableau online to tableau server? with no cast.


      My only concern is i don't want my client to buy licences for so many people just to see the report. is there any option i can go with?





      Thanks in advanced


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          Hi Mohini,


          1. Guest User on Tableau Online -> Feature request.


          How much users will open the view ?


          What you are looking for is "Guest Access", and this is only available for Tableau Server with Core-based licenses. -> Guest User


          For Tableau Online, there is no guest access, all users accessing views and dashboards published to Tableau Online must be authenticated.


          As a workaround there is also "Tableau Public", it's a free service for publishing views that you can share publicly. (However all data should be in a flat file, like excel, json, extract etc.)


          I recommend this article to have a good understanding between Tableau Server and Tableau Online.


          You can request a call with one of our Sales/Account Rep, they can also help you to find the right choice


          2. Tableau Online -> Tableau Server

          Yes, you can switch from Tableau Online to Tableau Server, but you will need to open a support ticket.


          Kind regards,