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    Scalability and Performance

    Motty Cruz

      Hello, I am planning a environment for Tableau server which can scale up or out as user demand grows. For the time being I am planning for a server to be able to handle heavy demand of at least 25 concurrent logged users. About half of the users will be connecting to external databases, while other half will be using flat files such excel sheets. At this moment I am thinking one server should be enough to meet user demand, but planning to add another node as user demand increases. The server will be a virtual Windows Server 2012 hosted on VMWare with no vMotion enable. Would two CPUs with 8 cores each CPU and 128 of RAM be enough to support up to 25 concurrent users? Your suggestions are welcome, thank you very much in advance.

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          Motty Cruz

          In my research I've found the following for a single server setup:
          64-bit Processor Architecture
          16 CPUs   - depending on the amount of users expect to support (in VMWare one core is map to one vCPU)
          8GB of RAM per core
          500MB – 2GB of disk space per user (depending on whether users are using extracts heavily)
          Disk write and read speed should be greater than 400MB/s to about 750MB/s

          12 CPUs to be allocate to Analytics and 4 CPUs to be allocate to Backgrounders

          maybe someone from Tableau can confirm or add suggestions to this setup.

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