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    tabcmd - java heap space error

    Suzanne Kern

      I am new to tabcmd, but the good news is, I’ve been able to get tabcmd to run report AND save as pdf.


      But, when I try and run a larger report I get the error message "uncaught exception OutofMemoryError: Java heap space".


      I googled this issue, and it says to "increase wgserver Java Virtual machine heap space. The default heap space setting is 512MB, doubling it to 1024MB should suffice. "

      Since I am not an admin, does anyone know of another solution?

      Or what should I request from my admin to fix the issue.



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          Hi Suzanne,


          It will be better to reach your admin to fix this issue.


          1. Lack of memory on the Server.


          2. Tableau Server reached the limit of default heap space, making this error.

          If the tech spec of the server got enough memory, a Tableau Server commands could eventually increase the heap space, but it need to be done with precaution.


          Also are you able to download this file via Tableau Server Web UI ?


          I recommend your admin to reach the tech support : Support Case | Tableau Software


          He will probably need to provide the following information :

          1. Date/time when you got the error message.

          2. Tableau Server logs

          3. Tabcmd logs

          4. MSInfo to have a look on : If there is an Antivirus (with TS whitelisted in IT), the tech spec of the server

          Kind regards,

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