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    Integrate Rest API with the JS API

    Kay Rohde

      Hey guys,


      my goal is to show customers their sales board for example. So when we have customer X, he can only see his sales and never from any other customer.

      The approach now is I am getting the data from the REST API with this call Reference-Tableau Server REST API - Tableau. There is also the option to filter, so I can for example filter the customer id, so I can guarantee that every customer can only see his sales.

      But now is my question how can I send this data to the JS API so the dashboard is build only with this data. I know there are options to filter with the JS API, but that is not an option for us (requirement).


      My task is it to get the data in the backend and send it to the frontend.


      I would apreciate it if anybody has an idea, tips or any advices.


      Best regards Kay