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    Always Show Data from Previous BUSINESS DAY

    Stephen Groff

      Howdy folks,


      I have run into this problem many times.  But I have never had a clue as to what the solution is.



      I have a file that gives me a report of our assembly progress that is refreshed each morning... pretty much, what we are starting and what we are finishing on the assembly line for the current day.



      Compare what was completed or started yesterday, with what is scheduled to complete or start today to give our assembly managers a view on where we stand.


      This has been achieved.


      The Problem:

      When I refresh the file and publish on any Monday, it is trying to compare data for Sunday (a non-production day, thus no information), I need it to look at the previous business day, not the previous day.


      I know the calculation for looking at the previous business day, but I don't know how to incorporate it into my report.


      I have attached the workbook, the tab that the section managers are using is in RED, under the Assembly Report view.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.