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    Map with "Go To Sheet" Action doesn't keep selection

    Dominik M.



      I have created a workbook with two dashboards - an overview and a detail dashboard. Both dashboards share the same map to quickly scan and filter regions.

      When you click on the map in the overview dashboard, there is a go to sheet action to the detail dashboard. Additionally, I have added filters for the region, so the data in the detail page gets pre-filtered for the selected region.

      The map in the detail page however should still be useable to switch between regions. The filters work well, so on the detail page, everything is pre-filtered, however, it doesn't keep the selection (although it is the same map worksheet), so for the user it looks like as if nothing is selected (and values for the whole country instead of the region are shown)


      What can I do? Workbook attached, v. 2019.2


      Thanks in advance


      BR Dominik

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          Ken Flerlage

          Can you provide a specific example (using screenshots) of the problem? I'm struggling to fully understand the issue.

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            Dominik M.

            Sure, can do. So the basic problem ist, that I use the same "Map" worksheet in two dashboards with Go To Sheet Actions between, but the selection is out-of-sync. I'd like two have maps in both dashboards that can be used to filter regions and stay synced with their selection.


            Start on dashboard "Market Overview", click on "Region East"

            2019-09-12 10_38_59-Tableau - Regional Overview.png


            Go To Sheet & Filter Action trigger, auto-switch to Dashboard "Market Detail"

            2019-09-12 10_39_35-Tableau - Regional Overview.png

            Please note the dealer list on the right side: They are filtered by region (e.g. Region East contains Dealer 21 - Dealer 40)

            The map on the left doesn't show any Region Filter, although it is the same map (work sheet "Map") on both dashboards.


            Select any other region on the map in dashboard "Market Detail"

            2019-09-12 10_39_59-Tableau - Regional Overview.png

            Dealers get correctly filtered according to the selection of the map ("Region Central" contains Dealers 41-60)


            De-Select "Region Central" to remove all Region filters from the map:

            2019-09-12 10_40_22-Tableau - Regional Overview.png

            Dealer list is now correctly filtered to the corresponding map selection (none) --> showing top 10 dealers from all regions (full market because no region is selected) -> compare dealer ids to first list.


            If you now switch back to the "Market Overview" dashboard, there is still the initial selection of "Region East"

            2019-09-12 10_40_40-Tableau - Regional Overview.png


            So the two maps are out of sync with their selection, although it uses the same worksheet and the filtering works correct (or as intended)


            This is the filter setting:

            2019-09-12 10_41_10-Filteraktion bearbeiten.png