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    Need Help with updating dashboards (created in desktop) in Tableau Online

    shweta pai

      Hi All,


      So I dumped data from salesforce into postgres and created a dashboard in tableau desktop.I published that dashboard in tableau online to share with my peers. Now the data in postgres in updated daily and I want my dashboard published ion tableau online to update at the same frequency.I read online and there seem to be several options to try.Which of the following in your opinion is better;


      1) Created an extract of the data in tableau desktop, built a dashboard using that extract and published it to tableau online.I use scheduling from tableau online to schedule refreshing the dashboard.


      2)Create a dashboard in tableau desktop using a live connection and publish that dashboard to tableau online and schedule refreshes ( Not sure how to upload dashboards with live connection to tableau online)


      3) Something else?



      Thank you!Really appreciate your help