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    Tableau Server - Policies for dashboard extensions?

    Cheryl Ratchford

      Hello -


      I work with Tableau Server security in a University environment with three sites, approximately 100 publishers, 80 projects(departments) and 300+ data sources .   A few of the publishers have built workbooks in Desktop with dashboard extensions purchased from vendors, and those publishers would now like to publish the workbooks to the server. 


      I would like to know if server/site administrators at other universities/colleges are also receiving these requests.  If so, do you have policies in place, and would you be willing to share or discuss the policies you have developed (or need to develop)?.  The main concern here is risk/security and ongoing maintenance, but there is also the issue of ownership/payment for the extension. 


      Some additional details that may be relevant:  We do not have centralized management for Tableau Desktop and do not control the use or development of Dashboard Extensions in Desktop.  We do have an IT security group to test and approve extensions and vendors.


      I have read a good bit of online information about the extensions, including Paul Banoubs's  https://vizninja.com/?s=dashboard+extens&submit=Search


      I would appreciate any feedback you choose to share.