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    Date - Weekly

    Monish Moryani

      My company data contains dates and the way they used to plot it on excel used to be weekly for 1 month.

      For example: To generate a report from 08/03 - 08/30 they look at it from Saturday to Friday:

      08/03 - 08/09

      08/10 - 08/16

      08/17 - 08/23

      08/24 - 08/30


      How can I get charts for such data using Tableau Online?

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          Donna Coles

          Hi Monish


          In Tableau Desktop, you can create a new calculated field called 'Week Commence Date' as DATETRUNC('week',[Order Date],'Saturday') which will baseline all the dates in the same week to the date the week starts, with the day of week start defined as the 3rd param of the DATETRUNC function.  I imagine this should work in Tableau Online too.


          Alternatively, you can (in Tableau Desktop at least), define the day of week start as a property of the date source you are connected to (right click on the data source and select Date Properties)