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    Can't remove data connection if server decomissioned and can't connect

    Chris Chang



      We recently took down a server and migrated to a new system (from Teradata to Oracle), but I realized I had a few Tableau workbooks that had maintained a connection to the old server. It was working until a week or so ago.


      Now because the old server isn't online anymore, the Tableau workbook cannot connect to it, and thus I can't go into the Data Sources and edit it/remove the old server. It won't let me navigate to the Data Sources page at all without prompting me to login to the old server, which is impossible. We don't have any other Teradata servers to access as a dummy.


      What can one do in this situation? Sorry I can't upload any workbooks as the addresses/data are all confidential.

      I just need to remove the old data connection.


      Thank you!


      (false username here of course)


      I tried removing the extract, and it just asks me to login, which I can't.



      On Tableau server, it doesn't let me change it either because of the "different connection types".