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    DSM TUG Fall 2019 Meeting

    Michelle Kosmicki

      Hi Everyone!  The Fall DSM TUG meeting has been scheduled!


      DSM TUG Fall 2019 Meeting, Sept 17, 2019, 9:00am - 11:00am at Strategic America.


      https://www.meetup.com/Des-Moines-Tableau-User-Group-DSM-TUG/events/264523329/ #Meetup #WestDesMoines #DSMTUG via @Meetup


      Lynn Steffen will be presenting on her experiences at Tableau Conference Europe and how it is similar to/different from the Tableau Conference here in the US.


      Michelle Kosmicki will be showing us more on using parameters to filter across data sets.


      We'll close with a Q&A session, so bring your laptops and Tableau questions so we can share our knowledge.


      If you have questions or would like to present at a TUG meeting, contact Michelle Kosmicki (mkosmicki@strategicamerica.com).


      Hope to see you on September 17th!