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    LOD sum with CASE doesn't work

    Dusan Vilicic

      Hi. I'm having trouble with a sum that uses a LOD exppression. Im working in Tableau Desktop 10.5.3. In this example the first measure (with a lower case b) uses the following LOD expression: {FIXED [Unidad Negocios],[Comprobante] : MAX([Monto Bruto (moneda base)])}. The second measure is a calculated field that changes depending on the value of a parameter, and it's used to switch between measures (amounts in different currencies, quantities...) and it's a simple CASE that returns different measures depending on the selected value of the parameter. The last measure is the same as the forst, but without the LOD.

      What I need to achieve is for the second measure's grand total to be the same as the first one's.