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    Survey data - best way to show "no answers" in dataset

    Davide Liperoti


      this is a question that we often face when using Survey Data.

      Let's say that in my dataset I have a question regarding favorite Season (Make Over Monday W36 is that you?) and for a group (18-34 years old) the preferences are

      Fall: 26%

      Winter: 13%

      Spring: 20%

      Summer: 30%

      As you can see, total is 89%, because 11% of the people don't have a preference.


      How can i create a sort of new dimension with 4 seasons plus "no preference" value (100% - 89% = 11%)?


      I don't want to change original dataset (it would be toooooooo easy).


      I tried Fixed calculation (it is working) but I don't know how to use it in the pie chart (for example).


      Any advice?


      Thank you very much