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    Radar Chart - Survey Data

    Michael Lovell



      I am looking for some help with a radar chart. I have attempted to use the two resources below, however, having difficulty given my data is survey data which has been reshaped. I am attempting to illustrate the % of respondents (who chose the Top 2 boxes) for each measure. When i produce the same chart in tableau i can't get the proportion from the center correct and i can't seem to add another dimension without the values being incorrect.


      The resources i have used are;

      Toan Hoang: https://tableaumagic.com/drawing-radar-charts-in-tableau/

      Ellen Blackburn: https://www.thedataschool.co.uk/ellen-blackburn/a-simple-way-to-make-a-radar-chart/



      I have produced the chart in excel to illustrate the end goal.The correct summary values are in the table below. (The actual data is within the workbook)



      At the moment my chart looks like this.



      If someone is able to help it would be much appreciated.


      I have attached a copy of the workbook which contains the actual data and my current attempts.



      Many thanks