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    Tableau Fringe Festival APAC - 25 October 2019

    Alex Waleczek

      Hello everybody,


      we just opened speaker applications for TFFAPAC.

      If you are not familiar with the Fringe Festival, it's a free online conference at which anybody can apply to talk. We are organising 4 events per year for different regions and want to give those people a platform who don't necessarily have one yet.

      So if you are part of the huge community that is not an Ambassador or Zen Master, we are looking for YOU to apply and speak.


      You don't need to be based in APAC to apply as a speaker but be aware that the event will run at APAC times (roughly: afternoon/evening in the Americas, Evening/Night in the EU, early morning to lunch middle east to India).


      If you want more information or want to apply, check out our website: https://www.thefringefestival.rocks/blog/tff-apac-is-back 


      TFFAPAC2019 Date - LinkedIn.png

      If you need some reasons to speak, have a look here: https://www.curvediscussion.com/you-should-talk-at-tffapac-because/ 

      If you wonder what to talk about, get inspired here: https://www.thefringefestival.rocks/blog/ten-potential-tff-topics 

      And if you want to see what others  talked about, check out our library on Youtube: Tableau Fringe Festival - YouTube


      If you have any other questions, if you are unsure what to talk about or need help finding the perfect way to presenting your topic, get in touch and we'll be happy to help.


      I'll update this thread with new announcements, the speaker selection and the actual link to register as we get closer to the event!


      Hope to see your application soon!