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    Concurrent Integration of R and TabPy with Tableau

    Ayaskanta Das

      Dear Forum Members,

      Need your valuable input on "concurrent integration of R and Python with Tableau".


      Though I find reference to this topic in the community and the same is pitched as an Idea, has there been any change in status-quo with advent of Tableau 2019. X version?

      As per my understanding from the discussed topics, either of R or TabPy can be integrated with Tableau but not both at the same time with given features of tableau.


      Our divided user community on usage of R and Python is reason behind this and we are essentially looking if we can achieve this concurrent integration within capabilities of Tableau.




      Since both R and TabPy are community supported and not technically supported by tableau, I am curious to know the real-time supportability/maintenance/patching aspects/challenges faced for R and TabyPY servers as far as their integration with Tableau is concerned.


      Appreciate your inputs on both queries.