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    TabPy - Unable to connect

    Russell Love



      I am unable to connect Tableau Desktop to TabPy (after a server restart, though I haven't used TabPy for at least a few weeks so the issue may not be related to the restart), and I'm at a loss to identify the issue.


      My Tableau server and TabPy are running on an AWS EC2 instance with Windows Server 2012 R2.

      When I am connected to this box (via remote desktop) both Tableau server and TabPy are accessible via localhost - both in Tableau and in the browser, with localhost:9004 showing the Tableau logo.

      Port 9004 is open on the server, the firewall on the box is configured to have it be open, the traffic rules on the AWS instance are also set to allow traffic to the port.  Using external port-checking websites show that this port is open


      However, from my laptop - I am unable to access TabPy via Tableau, getting the generic "service not running" error


      Attempting to access TabPy using the IP address and port in the browser I get an access denied/can't reach site error, not the Tableau logo I'm expecting to see


      I've tried numerous install methods for TabPy and Python over the last 2 days, none of which have been effective.  I keep ending up in the same place, where TabPy appears to be working fine - the networking on the server appears to be working fine, but I cannot access TabPy anywhere except the local machine.


      Any help would be great.