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    VizAlerts : Sending email at specific interval

    sam john

      I have the vizalerts setup on the tableau server. It runs every 15 minutes.


      I have two questions and any help is appreciated!


      1: I have a dashboard which I should email to bunch of external users (hence can't use tableau subscriptions) at specific time interval (Example : Once a day at 9 AM). How do I trigger an alert so that the email is sent out ?

          Can I create specific schedules like Tableau Subscriptions?

      2: I have a list of user emails to whom I should send the dashboard. Should I add the email address of those users using python file or can I create a calculated field with user emails in my dashboard and send the files to those users?



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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Sam,


          You'll need to use an Advanced alert to set this up, here's the general steps:


          1) You'll need to identify an existing VizAlerts schedule, of if necessary a Tableau Server admin will need to create the VizAlerts schedule to run on. This is covered in the VizAlerts install guide.


          2) Set up a data source (database, text file, Excel file, etc.) with the list of recipients (what will be the Email To field for the alert) and potentially some amount of additional fields required for VizAlerts e.g. Email From, Email Subject, Email Body, etc.


          3) Create a Tableau visualization (called the trigger view in VizAlerts terminology) using that data source that has all the required VizAlerts fields in the view (where some of those fields might be from step #2 or from calculated fields that you create). Usually I just use a text table for this since it lets me see & validate all the values. The Email Body and/or Email Attachment fields will use content references to include the image, PDF, and/or CSV of the dashboard. See the VizAlerts User Guide for specific instructions. Also the VizAlerts demo workbook that was installed as part of the installation & configuration of VizAlerts has examples that you can use.


          4) Publish the trigger view.


          5) Subscribe the trigger view to the schedule from step 1.


          Hope this helps!