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    Republish Sharepoint connected dashboard to another tableau server site

    Susan Nix

      Hello experts:

      I published a dashboard (.twb) and a Sharepoint datasource to a Tableau server site.  The datasource is set to update daily and this has been working well.


      Now I want to deploy the same dashboard and datasource to another site on Tableau server.  My twb file is connected to the datasource on "site 1".  How do I publish this datasource to another site, say "site2"?  I don't have the Server-->Publish data source option, since it's already published. 


      I'd like to keep "site 1" as my development/staging site and "site 2" as my production site, available to users.


      I opened a new Tableau and connected to the Sharepoint site.  Then I could publish to "site 2", but the twb file is not there yet.


      I hope this makes sense.  Thank you.