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    Tableau Online SAML Authentication for Site Creator role

    Guillem Garcia

      Hi there,


      We have own Tableau Online site, which has only one user and this user has the site creator role license. We also have multiple dashboards published on our site. We would like to apply SSO login functionality via SAML IdP. We are going to set the default Authentication type for this user as SAML. So, that we will have only one user on the site and its authentication type will be SAML. What if for some reason our IdP provider is broken or inaccessible or mis-configured, will we completely lost the ability to login to our Tableau online site in this case ? Could there be a possibility to restore broken access to our site ?


      Please, tell us if we can rely on Tableau authentication method if SAML provider will not function for any reason for us ?


      Thanks in advance.