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    Tableau Prep - "File Location" Output Error

    Kathryn Foltz

      Tableau Prep version: 2019.1


      I am having an issue when I try to run the Output in Tableau Prep and want to save a new version of a .hyper output over top of a previous version. I either have to delete or change the name of the previous output or change the name of the new output, which breaks the connection down the line where the file path is used in Tableau Desktop or other Tableau Prep files.


      The Error message looks like this:



      The description of the issue makes it seem like it is a permissions problem, but I've saved it to the desired location previously and it works/the error message goes away if I rename it or the old version.


      Is there a way to save directly over the previous output without getting this error?


      Thanks for your help!