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    CustomSQL & Parameters breaks after save

    Gianni Santucci

      Is there a fix to custom sql queries breaking after saving?


      See below: I have taken a union of a google sheet and connected it to a postgres database that I am calling with a customSQL.


      This ideally should allow me to connect static inventory values with our transnational sale data in a fluid manner. Filters are insufficient since I can't get a good value that provides the summary sales data without messing up the total static data and vice versa.


      This type of system works fine for static day values, as we currently do this for a static 7 day period but we want something modular, hence the parameters.


      I must stress - THIS WORKS UNTIL YOU SAVE IT! The SQL calls correctly, i can change the start/end date parameters, and it all goes as intended. However, once I save, i get the below error the next time i open the dashboard: (this happens both online and in desktop)


      The SQL is not empty though, and the union most certainly is unchanged since its a google sheet that is untouched but once a day


      Here is one that does work after save; its essentially the same SQL but with static instead of parameter based values:


      So it does work in function in most cases


      Please help thanks