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    Tableau 2019 connecting to Informix Version 11.70 Database

    Arturo Sedo

      Hi All,

      I'm running Tableau 2019.1.0 and am trying to connect to an old Informix database running IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 11.70.UC7XA.

      I seem to be able to see the structure of the database, tables and event column names. However, I can't seem to get any data out of the database and displaying on Tableau.


      Has anyone here been able to connect to a IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 11.70  table as a source and query data from a table?

      Any help would be appreciated.


      I have gotten pretty close using an ODBC connection. It looks like it all works, but I can't seem to get any data out of any tables.


      I also tried configuring JDBC but jdbc was a total fail.

      I'm using the Informix client version 4.10 from a Windows 10 box. I'm trying to get hold of Informix Client Software Development Kit Version 3.70.TC9 but I have not been able to find or download a version.







      The top part of the error I get is pasted below...

      An error occurred while loading the data.

      [Informix][Informix ODBC Driver][Informix]An alias cannot represent another alias.

      SELECT TableauSQL.accountnumber AS accountnumber,

        TableauSQL.applicationid AS applicationid,

        TableauSQL.applicationname AS applicationname,

        TableauSQL.applicationtaskid AS applicationtaskid,

        TableauSQL.badcalltag AS badcalltag,

        TableauSQL.callednumber AS callednumber,

        TableauSQL.callerentereddigits AS callerentereddigits,

        TableauSQL.callresult AS callresult,

        TableauSQL.campaignid AS campaignid,

        TableauSQL.conference AS conference,

        TableauSQL.connecttime AS connecttime,

        TableauSQL.contactdisposition AS contactdisposition,

        TableauSQL.contacttype AS contacttype,

        TableauSQL.customvariable1 AS customvariable1,

        TableauSQL.customvariable10 AS customvariable10,


      Blah... Blah... Blah....