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    Need Help | Tableau Data Source as R data frame

    Pawan Srivastav

      I have a R script file which basically performing some web scrapping and changing XML node values to data frame. Now I want to use that data frame into Tableau as source.


      Is there any way, I can embed my entire R script into tableau? Please confirm.



      • I do not have any other source available in my tableau workbook, this r data frame is the only one source for visualizing the data.
      • I had tried with rserve package, SCRIPT_INT, SCRIPT_BOOL methods but no luck.
      • One option which I have to save r data into rds, rdata or excel format, which can be used in tableau. But looking for an option where I can embed my entire R script into tableau.
      • I am using 2019.1 desktop version.


      Let me know your thought on this.