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    Google Analytics and Tableau

    Aditi Bothra


      Does anyone here works with direct Google Analytics connections in Tableau?

      Thank you in advance.



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          Johan De Groot



          I use the Google Analytics connector often - it is very convenient, and easy to setup. But if I need more advanced queries (especially filtering) I use Supermetrics, which downloads all the data to Google Sheets - from which I make the connection.


          Is there a special reason why you aslked this question? Don't you trust it, do you have problems with it... ?


          Kind regards,

          Johan de Groot

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            Aditi Bothra

            Hi Johan,

            Thank you for your reply.

            I am working on a project for which I would like to create auto-refreshing dashboards and hence would ideally like to have direct tableau connection from GA.

            However, I too had to move to supermetrics for the same reasons that you mentioned. Now my workflow will be GA to Supermetrics and then into Tableau.

            I am trying to create a Demographics report for the website visitors and I do understand that it will be heavily sampled because of the threshold that GA applies on such reports.

            However, I am unable to get any data pulled in either supermetrics or tableau . I have been able to get a custom GA report that is heavily sampled.

            I am kind of going in circles trying to define my audience without a demographics report. Let me know if you have any ideas on this.

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              Johan De Groot

              Hi Aditi,


              The demographics report will always be heavily sampled due to the nature of it. These metrics are derived from visitors' behaviour on other website, and because of privacy (and commercial..) reasons you can't make detailed segmented reports on these.

              What kind of demographic data do you want to incorporate in your dashboard? Using Tableau I can get the info.


              Kind regards,

              Johan de Groot