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    Using Fiscal Year in a range slider

    Susan Nix

      Hello!  I have a dashboard which uses fiscal year in a range slider.  My fiscal year starts in October and I've set that up.  When I use the slider, if the lower value is FY 2018 and the upper value is FY 2019, it shows FY 2019.  This happens with other years, when you want to see just one year.  So for FY 2014, to see that one, you adjust the sliders to select FY 2013 (lower) and FY 2014 (higher).  What I want is to show FY 2014 data when the slider values match.  Is this possible?


      I've attached a small example using Superstore data which exhibits the same behavior.


      I hope this makes sense.  Also, note that for FY 2019, it seems to work ok if you set both upper and lower values to FY 2019.


      Thank you!