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    KPI calculation

    Christian Ahrens

      Good morning,


      I would like to calculate KPIs and display them in a Dashboard.

      So by now I found out how to swap between Areas, time frames and products and how to create some diagrams.


      My question now is how to calculate these KPIs and how to display them in an overview like that.
      To get the average throughput time for instance I have to sum up all (selected) throughput times and then divide by the the corresponding number of rows.
      By now I only know how to calculate additional colums like date differences but not how to get summarizing result for a whole data set (or a selected part of it).

      Rows are orders, Throughput times are stored in a column.


      I hope you can help me or give me some hints how I can come close to that. I am using both Tableau Desktop and Prep.



      Thank you very much!

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          Hari Ankem

          Please provide your data file and/or packaged workbook (.twbx).

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            Christian Ahrens

            It is more a general question.

            Like, in Excel for instance I can easily do all different kinds of calculations, but in Tableau it feels like I can only calculate additional columns.

            I can come back to this later, but I think it is best to start with a very small example. Like, when I have 10 numbers in a column and would want to display, for whatever reason, the mean of these 10 numbers next to a diagram in a dashboard. How can I do that or is Tableau not able to do that?

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              Hari Ankem

              OK. Let me see if I can help you with it.


              Here is a dashboard provided by Tableau:


              Assume we have created a new sheet as shown below:



              We can now add it to the above dashboard in either a tiled mode or floating mode as shown below:




              Hope this helps. A 2019.2 workbook is attached for reference.

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                Christian Ahrens

                It isn't exactly what I was looking for but definately helped me to do huge progress! Thank you very much!


                I am just wondering why their table looks kinda different (better) :/



                A few new questions arised but I should probably open a new thread for those.

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                  Hari Ankem

                  Well, if you are comparing a worksheet to a worksheet, then there are formatting differences, like fonts, font sizes, etc. And if you are comparing it with the second worksheet, there are a lot more measures in it and so the headers are getting compressed. If you want all the measures displayed, then you can try increasing the height of the headers for the measures and see if it looks any better.

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