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    Blending the dates

    Nikunj Pasari

      Hello All,


      I have two data source which are blended by two variables date and location.


      I created the primary and secondary data source. There are some location values which are present in one of the data source but not in the other.


      When I try to use the date as the column and some other variables , the data seems to be missing in the report (highlighted in yellow).



      I feel the reason is because all the values in the location variable is not present in both the data sets hence it is creating a problem. The solution I found is to create a location and date combination for every field and add it to every data source. Like having a single location correspond to all the dates ranging from 2019 to 2022.


      But it will be a very tedious process if I have multiple data sources along with multiple locations. Is there another way I can get all those missing values without having to create these combinations for every data source ?


      I have attached the data source as well as the workbook for the reference.