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    how to get a newbie started

    Brenda Frankenhoff

      I am mentoring a young single mother of 2 who wants to make a career change.  She is interested in data and specifically visualization.  She is currently a dental assistant and is "fried" with the culture of the dental industry.  She only has the associates degree and does not have the resources to go back for a full four year degree.  does anyone know of a bootcamp that could get her started to get into basics and then possibly land a job that would pay for the bachelors?  Most analytics certificates require a bachelors and are at the masters level.  I would love to help her get started.  I am going to work with her on tableau public a bit and show her the tutorials.  She has not taken math since high school  (yes I know some poor decisions, but we are looking for leveraging her growth at this point.)  Any recommendations would be super helpful!  we are in the Cincinnati area.  (she actually lives about 1.5 hours east of the city so again, limited resources.)   This might be a pipe dream, but I want to see if I can help her if this is something she is really willing to work for!