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    Event listeners for viz with multiple story points

    Umer Khalid



      I am pretty new to JS API so excuse me if I am missing something basic.


      I have one story containing 2 dashboards as story points, each containing 3 worksheets. I am trying to dynamically create dropdown menus listing the names of worksheets. This should happen everytime the storypoint is switched. The end goal is to enable the user to select a worksheet name and download data, but that's for later stages. Right now, the events are not firing when the viz has a story.


      So, I am adding eventlisteners to the viz object (exactly as shown in Respond to Events - Tableau ) but they are not firing when I have a multi-dashboard story. Events do fire when I have a single dashboard i.e. there is no story to navigate through.


      What am I missing? Should I add event listeners to all storypoints? How does that work? Any example?