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    parse response received from rememberCustomViewAsync

    Akshar Jamgaonkar

      I am trying to save custom views using rememberCustomViewAsync and displaying the saved view using showCustomViewAsync, I want to parse the response received from executing rememberCustomViewAsync, it returns various details including the url of the view, i need to access `url` and other details the rememberCustomViewAsync method returns

      here is the code for your reference


      $(document).on('click', '.new_dashboard_preference > [type="button"]', function() {
          tableauViz.getWorkbook().rememberCustomViewAsync($('#dashboard_preference_name').val()).then(function(customView) {
            console.log(customView.url); //this is what i am trying to access
          }).otherwise(function (err) {



      Can any please guide as to how the response received from rememberCustomViewAsync be parsed in javascript. Thanks.