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    unable to filter after around 15-20 minutes of idle time - Javascript API

    Akshar Jamgaonkar

      Hello All,


      I am using the javascript api & trusted authentication and see the behaviour that after around 20 minutes of idle time if I come back to the dashboard page in my application, I am no longer able to click and filter on the dashboard.


      I see a lot of 500 errors on the javascript console, i am using chrome.


      https://mydomain/vizql/w/onea/v/nam1/sessions/F2CF85C62BCC4-1:0/commands/tabsrv/render-tooltip-server 403 (Forbidden)

      https://mydomain/vizql/w/nam1/v/onea/sessions/F2CF85C62BCC4-1:0/commands/tabdoc/hit-test-scene 403 (Forbidden)


      Not sure if session is timing out as the session idle time setting on tableau server is 240 minutes.


      I have a meta tag for refresh after 30 minutes, so once the page refreshes everything works again, but again a an idle time or more than 20 minutes the filtering stops working.


      Is there any other setting related to sessions that i need to check?


      What do i need to do to fix this, any help in this would be great, Thanks.