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    Making drilldown options easier for users. (+ and - is too hard for them to see)

    john penna

      Hi , we have a few thousand users (most are not really tableau users). . . Is there a way I can allow users to drill down and back up based on filter conditions in a graph by clicking a button.


      Unless you know the data is a hierarchy then users cant see the + or -  


      Tableau is weak from a UI point of view on the ability to chop/drill into the data


      I know you can do this using actions by creating a image and putting on a sheet and then clicking on the image on sheet,  however if I hide the tabs when I publish this breaks the report as the tabs need to be there for the product to work when using actions from sheets. We have to hide the tabs as we force the users to click on an accept button to first on a T& C page to view the dashboard.


      Workbook 2018.3 attached. Any help would be appreciated


      In the sample tableau data set, I want the user to click on a button and go to a sheet where filters are passed through. The next level will appear in the same window on clicking up it will return to previous view



      Thanks John