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    Extract API 2.0 extract initialization warning


      I'm using the Extract API 2.0 with Python on Linux on machines with either Ubuntu or Amazon Linux (Extract API - Tableau). Every time I initialize the Extract object in Python, I receive the following warning:

      --no-password option is specified: this is a security risk


      I've been calling the object with the path to the extract location as in the documentation: Tableau Extract API: tableausdk.HyperExtract.Extract Class Reference


      I'm wondering if there is an argument I'm missing or if this warning is normal behavior?



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          Wolf Roediger

          Dear ah12,


          This is expected behavior, but I agree it can be misleading.


          Hyper will reject remote connections when run as part of the Extract API 2.0.

          So there is no concern about security risks.


          Hope this helps


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            Jonas Eckhardt

            Dear ah12,


            one more thing: You might want to try our pre-release of the new Hyper API (the successor of the Extract API). With the all-new Hyper API, Developers can now utilize full CRUD support at Hyper-speed and unleash the power of SQL to interact with .hyper files.


            To get access to the pre-release, you need to join the Tableau Develop Program. If you are not part of the Developer Program yet, register here and join the “Developer Program Sprint Demos!” under “AVAILABLE OPPORTUNITIES”. Then, go here for more information on Hyper API features, supported languages and platforms.