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    Budget vs Actual and Variance

    Ozalee Francis

      Dear Tableau Community,


      I tried to reach the visualization in the attached picture, but I'm stuck with the variance functionalities in Tableau, which I completely understand in Excel.

      Actual vs Forecast.PNG


      I have prepared a data set including 3 sheets :

      - Budgeted expenses

      - Actual expenses

      - Expense variances


      I did an "inner join" first, but I changed for a full outer join but none of them worked. To be honest, I am a bit lost and I would like to get some highlights to build a Dashboard as presented in the picture. Maybe my data set is not a good example. If someone can tell if I'm going to the good or wrong way.


      My second goal would be to re-evaluate a budget forecast for the next 6 months based on the actual expenses.


      However, just resolving my first issue would tremendously help me to learn more about Tableau.


      Thanks in advance for your help!