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    Filter View and define size for the Worksheet

    Taulant Kryeziu



      need short help - i think this is an super easy one:


      When I add the sizing to the worksheet my filter gets destroyed.


      works - VIZ_PDF(Sales/Report?:size=2000,500)

      works - VIZ_PDF(Sales/Report?Region=Mitte / West)


      doesn't work - VIZ_PDF(Sales/Report?Region=Mitte / West?:size=2000,500)

      doesn't work - VIZ_PDF(Sales/Report?:size=2000,500?Region=Mitte / West)


      Do I need to add an "|" ? Unfortunately I can't test it now rn, but I would need to forward the solution asap.


      like this ? - VIZ_PDF(Sales/Report?Region=Mitte / West|?:size=2000,500)


      Hope you guys can help me!


      With best regards,