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    AWS server connection issue using My SQL Database

    Tanay Choudhary

      Hello Everyone,


      I have connected data warehouse(AWS server) using My SQL on Tableau Desktop. I have published the data source(live connection) embedding the credentials on Tableau Online. However after publishing on Tableau Online I can see the string fields going for a toss. I tried connecting with ODBC connector in Tableau Desktop and published the data source. String fields were working fine in the above case however date fields are going for a toss. Can someone please help me out with the issue?


      I have also tried extracts and then refreshing those extracts using tableau bridge. However Tableau bridge is also not able establish a connection with the live data source.


      I keep on getting the debug logs on publishing the  live data source connection. I have attached the debug log file which is generated.


      Please share your explanations or any solutions if encountered with the same error or have experienced the same thing while working on Tableau.