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    How to Get Dimension to Appear in ToolTip for Sankey

    Beth Throne

      Dear Colleagues:


      I created that attached Sankey, linking majors to fields. When I hover over the Sankey curve, I see the two VizSide dimensions of "major" and "field" but not the "employer" dimension.  I added the "employer" dimension to the tooltip and found that the underlying data did not feed up to the even after attempting the "Insert" function. I then added the "employer" to  "details", and, while it showed up in the tooltip, it distorted by curve and diagram.


      I would appreciate your guidance on how to get this dimension to show up when I hover over the Sankey curve, along with the field and major that already appear.


      Thank you!


      Beth Throne

      AVP of Student and Post-Graduate Development

      Franklin & Marshall College