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    Jobs at the University of Southern Indiana

    Stephanie Diekmann

      The University of Southern Indiana (USI) has two open positions in their institutional research office. These positions heavily utilize Tableau in making visualizations and dashboards to help with decision making across the entire campus.  The first position also helps facilitate the university data governance program. The second position also helps facilitate the Qualtrics survey process on campus. USI is also a co-sponsor of the Southwest Indiana Tableau Users Group, and both positions help with meeting facilitation, agenda development, and topic presentations.


      If you are interested using Tableau with higher education data, I'd highly recommend taking a look at both of these opportunities!


      USI Careers | Data and Research Administrator, Office of Planning, Research, & Assessment


      USI Careers | Research Associate, Office of Planning, Research, and Assessment


      Please apply via the job postings. For questions, please contact Katherine Draughon, Chief Data Officer, at Kat.Draughon@usi.edu.