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    Tableau Email alerts - not working

    Nasrin KV



      I am trying to create an email alert in tableau server. I did SMTP configuration and also set alert based on a condition which is true now.


      But I am not receiving any alerts.


      When I am checking my alerts, it is showing as below:


      Screenshot (80).png


      Here is the worksheet for which I am creating this alert.


      Screenshot (81).png


      I set my alerts as shown below:


      Screenshot (82).png



      Though it showed alert created successfully, I can't receive any alerts in my email. While configuring smtp, I put a random email at from email field and a licensed user email at to email address field. Still I am not able to receive any alerts.


      When I checked the status it is showing like this:

      Screenshot (83).png

      I am just following some tutorials and trying to implement this.  I am not really sure where I am going wrong. Kindly check this and help me to fix the problem.