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    Attempts at a checkerboard visual!

    Jonathan Hodge

      Howdy all!


      Trying to create what I am calling a "checkerboard visual" (it may really be called that, would be neat if so.)

      But my current attempts look something like this (2 different worksheets):



      There are 2 downsides to this.


           1.) My columns are not flush

           2.) My 2 sheets have separate legends. I could apply fixed min/high's to the legends but I'd much prefer they be dynamic across all possible options.


      My main issue is the flushness though. I thought I was smart by creating groupings of 1/2 and using it as rows but created this monstrosity:


      Would anyone have any advice on how to get the desired effect?


      Attached is my workbook used to create the above.



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          Naveen B

          Hi Jonathan ,


          will this work



          Find the attached workbook

          check attempt grouping sheet




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            Jen Shepherd

            Hi Jonathan,


            Another option aside from Naveen's Index solution (I was in the midst of writing up a flavor of that idea too  ) is to just put subcategory on the Text shelf so each tile is labeled, have nothing on rows or columns, and fit the viz to entire view on the dashboard.  Then the number of items in each row will change depending on how you fit it to your dashboard.




            I usually call this kind of viz a heat map or KPI tiles, but I do like "checkerboard"! 




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              Peter Fakan

              Just responding to clarify that these are called trellis or tile charts.





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                Jonathan Hodge

                Thanks Naveen and Jen! (And Peter for the clarification of naming convention).


                I actually went with a middle of the road between Naveen and Jen.


                @ Naveen, the column/rows calculations appear to need to be exact to the # of options roughly? Sometimes it does weird things.


                An example is I used your workbook and used Segments which only has 3 options. I set the columns modulus to 2, and the rows modulus to 2. I get the following? (Was expecting 3 boxes, but got 2)

                It sets Consumer and Home office to 0,0?


                However I also started to not enjoy what the min's were doing. In the first screenshot it creates a ton of white space?

                Luckily for me in my real world example I have 15 objects so I just removed the MIN's and got the following:


                This is what I wanted (with some more metrics that will be added to labels)


                Thanks again all for the support!