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    Forcing Tableau to color cells with minimum of zero with lower end of the color palette




      I am needed to create a colored squares from yellow [0] to Shades of Green [>=1]


      So, I created a customized color palette by updating my preferences file





      However, when the value is zero or NULL, I want the squares to be colored yellow and not green



      I assumed that Tableau will put minimum value from the dataset at the "Yellow" end and maximum at the "Green" end.


      I have the following questions


      1. How do you force Tableau to set cells with Zero value to be colored "Yellow" always. The attached workbook has some cells with values more than 0 and are colored in "Yellow"

      2. If all of the the rows are returning zero or NULL for a mertic , how do I force to the lower end of the color palette and color them "Yellow".


      I am not using individual metric to do KPI coloring ( For Example: IF SUM(Sales) <= 0 THEN 0 ELSE SUM(Sales) END). The worksheets has "Measure Values" on the color shelf


      Appreciate your help!