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    How to show number 1-112 as a date January 1 - April 22?

    Piotr Szcześ

      Hello everyone!


      I have a question. Can I somehow convert normal number 1-112 to a date January 1 - April 22?


      I created visualization for #MakeOverMonday. When you hover over a chart in top right, you see at the bottom total number of days!

      I made it through parameter action and label of refference line. When I added some floating text objects as a names of months and hide the original chart, it shows indirectly what day and month it would be, when started on January 1:


      Lost in space actual.png


      And here is the question: Would it be possible to receive something like this?

      Lost in space actual - target.png


      And when you would hover further, something like this:

      Lost in space target 2.png


      I would be very grateful for some advise! I tried to figure out something with date functions but withous success. Cheers!


      PS. By the way, in Tableau Public interactivity works much slower: https://tabsoft.co/2IBaUtO