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    LOD calculation to count the # of responses in a set

    Bryan Mills

      I have a set that consists of 10 questions out of a total of 95 on a survey. They are yes/no questions, which I store as a 5 and a 4 in the database and then turn into a YES/NO dimension within the workbook.


      What I'm trying to do is count the # of respondents who answered yes to 10 of the questions, then the # of respondents who answered yes to 9 of the questions, all the way down to 0. Ideally, this would display on the rows the #'s 10 to 0 and the % of respondents who answered that many of the questions.


      Where I'm getting tripped up is I assume I need to create a LOD expression, I'm just not getting it to add up correctly. Like I can look at the individual questions and tell you how many people answered yes to each question but I cannot tell you that respondent ID 1234 answered YES to 6/10 of the questions and that respondent ID 5678 answered YES to 3 of the questions.


      Any ideas on how to accomplish this? I've attached a sample workbook so you can see what I'm working with and hopefully trying to accomplish.


      Thanks in advance!