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    Parameter Control Restrictions & Filter Conflict

    Amit Kalia



      I am showing data in tableau for Daily, Weekly and Monthly and I have one filter as year which is defined as (MyYear) and two parameters (Select Start Date & Select End Date)

      MyYearif date >= 01/06/2019 and date <= 01/03/2020 then "Y2019" and so on for other years for specific dates  --- (Datatype: String)


      Calculation field for Select Start/End Date

      [date] >= [Select Start Date] AND

      [date] <= [Select End Date]



      1. If user select Y2017 and under Start date and End date he choose dates of 2019 and then data got lost from view.

      2. Is I'll avoid using Year filter and only use parameters, then also tableau let user to enter End date < Start Date and again data lost.

      Any solution to this.