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    Google Sheets are not updating in Tableau Online


      For Tableau workbook I had to merge CSV doc and Google Spreadsheet. Published document in Tableau Online with data source published separately, for google sheet source the path was embedded.

      Capture 001.PNG

      But when trying to refresh data source on Tableau Online, the error occurs:


      Capture 002.PNG

      So as I see the Google spreadsheet source doesn't refresh at all. When changing info in it and simply running "refresh" button in workbook online, doesn't help as well.

      + another issue: the second source which is CSV in shared folder, don't go to Tableau Bridge at all and seems not to be able to refresh by any way. When opening Tableau Bridge sources, it's not there.

      So how can I deal with 2 data sources, one of which is Google Sheet and another is CSV file, merged in one if publishing it online?

      Tableau Desktop works correct and updates correctly.

      Thank you.